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Field trip to St. Barts

Report #22: Part VI
December 31, 1999

We took a field trip to the island of St Barts (between Hurricane's Jose and Lenny), but arrived on a French public holiday (Nov 11). Since not much was open, we drove around looking at architecture and eating!

One of our stops was the Le Toiny resort, famous for its open bedrooms (only walls on 3 sides). We didn't see a room, but we did get a lot of ideas from the pool area.

 Tiled pool at Le Toiny

We are going to have a pool on our site and our thinking of tiling it like this one.

 Vanishing edge and a water fall.

This pool has a vanishing edge and a waterfall. We won't be attempting that.

 Nice decks and shade pavillions.

Notice the nice decks and the shaded sitting pavillions in the background. We want to have a pavillion like that off our pool. Here is a closeup view:

 shade pavillion

You can see more on the Le Toiny web site, since at this point they asked us to stop taking pictures (our digital camera must have been aimed at the open-sided bedrooms).

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