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Roofing the main house

Report #22: Part I
December 31, 1999

Construction on the main house has continued slowly since our Sep 4 report. We had Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Lenny (when we discovered that our solar power system doesn't work).

These pictures were taken starting in September, 1999.

A central column for the roof

Turns out no one had figured out how to hold up the roof on this building, which will have a drop ceiling. So we built a tower in the center to support the roof (you won't see the tower due to the flat ceilings in those rooms.

Roof interior shot

 Structural panels over radiant barrier

 Ready to pour concrete

 The actual pour

Here you can see the finished concrete roof and the eyebrow porch of Mary Ann's window seat.

 Finished roof and eyebrow porch

Next Step: Roofing the master bedroom

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