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Report #21: September 4, 1999

Part 3 of 4

Warning: This report is long and has many photographs. Therefore, it is divided into several parts. Remember to Click PAGE 4 when you get to the end of this segment.

Work on the Main Residence

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Pouring concrete calls.

The main residence is really three buildings with three roofs:

  1. Bedroom/living room pavillion, nearest the water, shown here
  2. Kitchen and two office/study rooms for Bob and Mary Ann
  3. Finally the Master Bedroom suite with garden bath
The pictures here show work on the walls and roof of the bedroom/living room pavillion.

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Wooden Rafters and Ring Beam Forms.
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T-1-11 for interior ceiling.

A Second Roof

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Pouring slabs and foundations.

The bedroom/living room pavillion was built out of concrete block instead of 3D panels for speed and so we could have a second crew getting things done before Hurricane season (Aug-Oct). However, the roof is built as a double-roof with both wood and concrete 3D-panels, plus a radiant barrier in between. To read more about this roof design click here.

The 3D panels are covered in concrete and then painted white to further reflect the heat.

The wraparound veranda is missing in the pictures below. It is made of wood instead of concrete, so that during an extreme hurricane it will give way without ripping the roof off the interior space. But we cut the 6x6 veranda poles too short and then there wasn't time before hurricane season to finish and secure the porch, so we deferred it to the fall.

The area between the buildings is dug out for a swimming pool, but is currently full of 3D panels. They are very lightweight and we worried about them blowing away in a gale.

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Smoothing out concrete roof.
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Concrete roof painted white.

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