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Report #21: September 4, 1999

Part 2 of 4

Warning: This report is long and has many photographs. Therefore, it is divided into several parts. Remember to Click "Page 3" when you get to the end of this segment.

GingerVilla Entertains Visitors

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Shoal Bay Beach.

How has the guest cottage, now called GingerVilla, worked out with guests?

Let's start where the guests start, on the beach, just in front of the property. Here they have a protected swimming spot, snorkelling and the whitest sand in the Caribbean to suntan on.

Six steps up from the sand they go through a gate and into the Beachshack grounds. These palm trees were planted in previous years near the start of the construction project, both so they would have a chance to grow and so that we could pound the holes for them in the rock before the foundations and cisterns went in nearby.

Our guests stroll past the continuing, and fascinating, construction of the main villas and pool to reach GingerVilla, their "temporary" home (at least we hope it is temporary -- you aren't moving in are you?)

So far we haven't had any complaints.

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Palms are basic to landscaping.
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GingerVilla, our Guest House.

A Belated Honeymoon

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Honeymooners in private garden.

GingerVilla has appealled the most to honeymooners. It was designed for a single couple, although there is a sofa bed in the living area and we have had parents and children use it.

Our neice Ronda and her husband Bob came for a belated honeymoon this spring and had a great time.

Here they are relaxing in the private, walled garden of GingerVilla.

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GingerVilla has PC and Internet.

Although no one is forced to use them, GingerVilla does come fully equipped with cable television, PC and Internet access. Useful for sending gloating emails home to the north.

Previous guests used it each morning to look up things to do in Anguilla and plan their day.

More Honeymooners

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Nowell and Delayna Rogers.

We had another couple spend their honeymoon in the guest house after their wedding in Santo Domingo. The backyard walled garden was perfect for a celebration dinner to introduce the new bride to 10 friends and family.

Nowell Rogers Jr. (aka Nowellito) is a computer programmer and has actually worked on the Hewlett-Packard business servers that are Bob's speciality.

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