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Duckie, Mary Ann, Bob, Inspector Clouseau the Cat, and Bobo.

Mary Ann's Tropical Building Page

Report #21:
September 4, 1999



Summer has passed since our May 4th report and we are approaching the peak of hurricane season (Sept 10) here on our tropic isle.

Here is what has been happening:

Warning: This report is long and has many photographs. Therefore, it is divided into four parts. Remember to Click NEXT PAGE when you get to the end of this segment.

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New Born Puppies are Irresistable

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New born dobermans.
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A puppy pile.

Doberman puppies at the vets arrived in three colors: black, brown, and blue.

We went to have a look at them the week after they were born. The parents were both registered dobermans bred for good temperment.

Bobo Comes To Stay

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Bobo, the puppy
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Bobo next to Mary Ann.

Bobo is a female "blue" doberman of very friendly nature.

Of course you might want to make friends with her now while she is so tiny.

A Week Later Duckie Joins Her

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Duckie is Bigger But Bobo is Faster.

Somehow, while we were getting ready to receive Bobo into our family, we were convinced that what we really needed was a big friendly Great Dane puppy.

So one week after Bobo, Duckie joins our happy little family.

The cat, Inspector Clouseau was not amused.

First we moved him to a new location on Shoal Bay, 1/2 mile from our previous rental home. Clouseau went back to the old location every day to check for treats from the neighbors and patrol the land in between to ensure that no other cats tried to move in.

Then one of his favorite soft touch neighbors got their own cat and the other moved back to England.

Now these ridiculously large and eager puppies have moved in.

Building the Ultimate Puppy Pen

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Building a Fence.
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Adding a tent.

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Relaxing after a hard day.


This is the temporary puppy home, until we move down into the main house. It has a nice fence, sandy bottom, running water, a planted grassy area to lounge on, and a tent to keep the sun and the rain off.

Puppy Photo Album

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Great Dane looks small next to Bob.
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Helping with the building.


Since Bob is 6' 7", a Great Dane puppy is just the right size for him.

Bobo and Duckie love to help with the construction and greet visitors to the site!

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