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Mexican tiles upstairs.

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Report #19: December 29th, 1998

Part 4 of 4

Warning: This report is so long and has so many photographs that we decided to break it into several parts. To return to the start of this report, click RESTART when you get to the end of this segment.

More Floor Tiles

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Entry is tiled.

Upstairs the Mexican tiles are laid diagonally, with a border of the same tiles around them. The picture at the top of this page shows the final upstairs wall color well.

The next picture shows the entry to the technology center. There will be sliding louvered doors between the tiled entrance hall and the carpeted main activity room. (By the way, the carpeting and drop ceiling improved the acoustics dramatically over hard concrete and tile.)

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Uses for broken tile.

We had lots of broken Mexican tiles, so we decided to incorporate them into a design.

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Please put me on the Net.

This work was done by Emo (top photo) and his assistant, pictured here laying tile on the wall around the palm tree.

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Entry porch.

Entry porch uses broken tiles also, as a border between the diagonal tiles and the horizontal tiles.

The step up to the porch is an irregular wave shape and covered with a mosaic of broken tiles as well.

Continuing the Main House Foundations

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Waterfront cistern floor.

This cistern goes under the master bedroom porch. Since the master bedroom is raised up about six feet over the surrounding ground level, it was relatively simple to insert a cistern here.

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A sunken cistern.

This cistern goes outside the kitchen. It is at a lower elevation than the master bedroom cistern and catches water from the lower roofs. The space to the right of it is reserved for a swimming pool (we are still looking for design and construction input on the pool).

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Pouring the concrete.

West Indies Concrete poured this concrete, although we have used all three concrete companies in the project so far. That is Binger handling the hose and our contractor Geoff Richardson in the background.

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Master bedroom foundation

You can now start to see how the main house will be laid out across the waterfront.

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