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The vanity woodwork painted .

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Report #19: December 29th, 1998

Part 3 of 4

Warning: This report is so long and has so many photographs that we decided to break it into several parts. Remember to Click NEXT PAGE when you get to the end of each segment.

Downstairs Bathrooms

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Tiles for bathroom floors.

Used Mexican terra cotta tile. Cut into small pieces for the showers. we did this for the guest villa and it worked well.

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Temporary sink.

We ordered some custom designed sinks for the office bathrooms, but they and never came. So until we have time to go shopping in St Martin or Miami, one bathroom has a temporary sink and the other doesn't have any sink.

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Downstairs bathrooms are tiled.

There are two bathrooms downstairs.

It is hard to take pictures of the entire bathroom, as the rooms are too small. Just take our word for it. They are beautifully tiled and have nice showers.

Upstairs Bathroom

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Closets in the Villa bath.

Custom built closets for the villa upstairs. His and hers hanging space with shelfs in between. Bulk storage above.

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Finished Closets .

Painted white. Louvered doors, with small lattice work above.

Bahama Shutters

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Install awning shutters.

The awning shutters are hinged at the top using special hinges from St. Martin.

The shutters themselves were ordered from Miami. They are made of cedar and are designed to cut down on the sun's glare and protect from flying objects during hurricanes.

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Turquoise shutters.

The shutters come with a telescoping mechanism that allows you to adjust the light.

They work really well for reducing the glare on the computer screen. They create a soft difused light for the office. We are surprised that they are not used more often.

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