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The kitchen in pieces.

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Report #19: December 29th, 1998

Part 2 of 4

Warning: This report is so long and has so many photographs that we decided to break it into several parts. Remember to Click NEXT PAGE when you get to the end of each segment.

Exterior Teak Doors

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Unloading teak doors...

The teak doors for the technology center came in a container, along with teak tongue and groove planking for the floor of the main house. The carpenters have already started lifting pieces of the flooring to use for trim in the office.

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Greenheart threshhold.

Sanding down the threshhold for the doorways to the porch, which were made from greenheart (purchased at Albert Lakes).

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Sand and oil teak trim.

The doors have very nice routered trim around them. Which is sanded, then oiled finish.

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Curved entry doors.

The entry doors to the technology center have curved tops.

Selecting Colors

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Select the upstairs wall color.

The upstairs villa was painted a shade of lavender. Here you can see some of the candidate colors.

For the final color chosen, see the picture below of the upstairs kitchen.

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Select the downstairs color.

We don't select the color for the walls until we have finished the construction and are ready to paint. Then we put up samples and study them. Here we are deciding on the yellow color to use on the technology center.

You can see the final color selection in the bathroom pictures below.

The Upstairs Kitchen

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The kitchen in pieces.

The upstairs of the technology center is a luxury one-bedroom villa where we will live until the waterfront main house is complete. It can also be used to server meals for activities held downstairs and as another large meeting room (albeit breeze cooled).

The kitchen cabinets were ordered from a standard catalog in Miami. We selected them because they were made of plywood instead of particle board (important in a damp climate). However, by the time they actually arrived ...

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Repainting kitchen cupboards

We decided we didn't like light oak finish in the upstairs villa, so we painted all the cupboards white.

For this purpose we built a paint room off the container using scrap lumber, plastic tarp and shade cloth. It has gotten a lot of use painting doors as well!

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Maynard and crew.

Here is Kenneth Maynard, our finish carpenter, and his crew installing the cabinets and building a custom island for us.

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