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Mary Ann's Tropical Building Page

Report #5:
August 22, 1997



My husband Bob and I have acquired land on the Caribbean island of Anguilla where we are building a home, a software lab and a guest villa, of our own design. These pages record our plans, resources, ideas, problems, and progress, and give you the opportunity to get involved.

Previous report: August 1st.

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The Gazebo is Up and It's a Boy!

[Click for larger view of Gazebo]
As you can see in the picture, the gazebo has a shingle roof, sort of. The small area between the two roofs will be filled with white plastic lattice, purchsed from Quality Plumbing in Blowing Point, with blue trim pieces.

Arne Harrigan the carpenter had to run off to Orlando where his wife was having a baby. On the day she went into the hospital, Arne heard in a very circuitous route. An aunt in St Martin called Florida and discovered the situation. She called Arne's wife's mother, who happens to be our maid, who called and we got the message to Arne.
[Click for larger view of gazebo framing]

Arne rushed home to get ready. Griffin made plane reservations out of St. Martin as they have a late flight to Miami with an illegal connection to Orland and drove Arne to the ferry, only to discover they just missed it. But clever Griffin chartered the Link ferry when it arrived. They left Anguilla at 6:20 and made the 7:00 flight! Whew.

Arne is now the proud father of a baby boy, Voss Teron Arne Harrigan. The gazebo completion is slightly delayed.

And you're memory is not playing tricks on you -- this is the second baby on the project in the last month!

The Fence

[Click for larger view of fence on rock wall] [fence view, completed and incomplete.]

Design problem: need to keep the goats out of the yard or nothing can grow. Already had a rock wall along the waterfront, which we liked and extended. How to build it up higher? The rock wall curves and undulates and changes, so putting a straight fence structure on top of it would be awkward.
[click for a larger view of Daniel]

Our solution a was non-traditional, traditional picket fence. The top is cut in curves, sort of like waves. The pickets cover the concrete posts.

Mary Ann did the design and Daniel, the rock man pictured below, executed it.

The "Last" Wood Windows in Puerto Rico

[Click for larger view of window]

We ordered the wood windows from Puerto Rico for our guest villa. They weren't exactly the sizes we had originally wanted, but since the villa wasn't built yet we just changed our plans to accomodate what was available. These appear to be the last imbiau louvered windows in Puerto Rico, until supplies reappear.

The windows arrived safely from Puerto Rico. An act of faith. We ordered by fax using a credit card. The lumber yard dropped them at the Panamerican docks. One of the local small freight boats delivered them. We turned the paperwork over to Pat's Trucking to clear customs and deliver to us.

We hired Vicente and his helper to clean, sand, and oil the windows, with the preferred local mixture of half boiled linseed oil and half mineral spirits. We had been watching Vicente and his crew painting our rental house, so we knew they were careful and hard working. That's Vicente on the left. If you need any painting, call 497-4718.

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