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Report #1:
June 1, 1997


My husband Bob and I have acquired land on a Caribbean island where we are designing and constructing our home, a technology center and a guest house.

These pages record our plans, resources, reference books, ideas, problems, and progress.

Hints: Click on any small picture to see it larger and visit the Site Map for previous and future progress reports, house plans, bookstore and references.

Chief Architect Software

The plans for our three buildings to be constructed on Anguilla were drawn by Mary Ann, using the Chief Architect computer program. They were then given on disk to local Architect Fritz Smith (264-497-4278). He also uses Chief Architect software so he checked the plans, provided construction details and submitted them to the Planning Board and Building Board.

The Plans were approved!

Griffin Webster, previously employed full-time by Robelle as a software engineer, will change hats and become our project manager. (He will still look after Robelle's computers in Anguilla for one hour per day!)

Office in a Former Container


Project Office. We have converted the 40' container that moved us to Anguilla into a small office and storage shed on the site. It is wired for electricity and telephone, has an air conditioner, and will be connected to the Net.

Insulation. Since our project office is a metal container, it gets very hot in the tropic sun. We have painted the roof with white reflective paint and insulated the office interior with radiant barrier. The radiant barrier came in a big roll, bonded to both sides of a bubble wrap. Very slick. Having previously worked with fiberglass and Styrofoam, the radiant barrier was 10 times easier to install. And the best part - It Worked! We now call our container "The Refrigerator". Click for more info. Source:

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